In the community

Share-A-Stand Program

The AYS “Share-A-Stand” (SAS) program brings AYS orchestra members to Markham Middle School in Watts, Robert Frost Middle School in Granada Hills, and Griffith Steam Magnet Middle School in East Los Angeles, mentoring 300 music students.  Over the course of a school year, AYS musicians conduct master classes, lead sectionals, rehearse side-by-side with the students, and hold Q&A sessions where the students can ask about their lives as young musicians. The program includes bus transportation and tickets for students, their families/guardians, and music teachers to attend two AYS concerts; the field trips will both reinforce classroom instruction and provide students with new experiences—for many students this is the first time they’ll see a live performance. The school year culminates with AYS musicians and SAS students literally “sharing a stand” for a joint performance at each school at the end of the spring term.

"Thank you AYS for coming. The music was beautiful and you all inspired me to want to go to college and study music. You make me want to play music for the rest of my life!"

SAS Student at Markham Middle School

"I was astonished by the way you guys played. I've never heard any professional ochestra people play LIVE in front of me. I wouldn't mind listening to you for the rest of my life. I'm looking forward to coming to your concert. I admire you and wish the best for all you talented musicians! PS - I hope you come back and visit!"

SAS Student at Markham Middle School

Community Chamber Concerts

At AYS, we believe in bringing music outside the concert hall and into the community. Over the last year, our principal string quartet shared performances at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Union Rescue Mission, and for the students at Invertigo Dance Theatre’s “Dancing Through Parkinson’s” program. 

If you’d like to request a performance for your community group, email community@aysymphonyorg.dream.press

AYS is Dedicated to Building Communities for Classical Music


AYS support music education for all, and have donated over 250 instruments to after-school programs including HOLA, The Los Angeles Music and Arts School in Boyle Heights, and SOL-LA. Through partnerships with middle schools, high schools and colleges, we seek to welcome students to attend AYS performances, and encourage pre-professional musicians of all backgrounds to participate in our auditions. 

The concerts of the American Youth Symphony present a rare opportunity to experience extraordinary music free-of-charge. We partner with many schools and organizations to bring first time audiences to our concerts, including:

Markham Middle School  • Robert Frost Middle School • Griffith STEAM Magnet Middle School • Delancey Street Foundation
Marina Manor Community • UCLA Extension • Harvard Westlake School  • A Place Called Home  • Human Rights Watch
Feminist Majority Foundation • Heal the Bay • Union Rescue Mission • Neighborhood Music School • A Place Called Home, and many others!