2019/20 Champions and Chair Namings

We thank our 2019/20 Champions, whose support is vital to the success of our mission:

Current Chair Namings:

Thank you to our Champions, who have sponsored the chairs below for the 2019/20 Season

TEAL = 2019/20 Sponsors

LIGHT BLUE = Opening Night Sponsors

  • Gallia Kastner, The David Frisina Concertmaster LAPO 1943-1978 Concertmaster Co-Sponsor & The Annica and James Newton Howard Concertmaster Co-Sponsor
  • Alexis Hatch, The James & Ilene Nathan Associate Concertmaster Chair
  • Bree Fotheringham, The Theodore J. Slavin and Marsha Calig Assistant Concertmaster Chair
  • Mariko de Napoli, The Shoshana Claman & Bill Sheinberg Violin Chair
  • Evan Johnson, The Anika Lorber Principal Second Violin Chair
  • Johanna Nowik, The Flinkman-Marandy Principal Viola Chair
  • Stefan Kosmala-Dahlbeck, The Richard Rintoul Viola Chair
  • Alex Mansour, Bonnie Hartman Principal Cello Chair
  • Michael Ljungh, The Sheila Krasnoff Assistant Principal Cello Chair
  • Joel Shimada, The James H. Warsaw Cello Chair*
  • Shawn Berry,  The Anne Warsaw Cello Chair**
  • Sam Miller, The Sidney Stern Memorial Trust Principal Bass Chair
  • Christopher Baechtel, The Bradley & Stephanie Penenberg Bass Chair
  • Elizabeth LaCoste, The Janneke Straub Principal Flute Chair
  • Sierra Schmeltzer, The Johnny Rotella Flute Chair
  • Marley Eder, The Johnny Rotella Piccolo Chair
  • Will Stevens, The Benny & Liliana Brittan English Horn Chair
  • Sérgio Coelho, The Steven Linder & Michael Hanel Principal Clarinet Chair
  • VACANT, The Helgard Field Tuba Chair***
  • Lieza Hansen, The Peter Mandell & Sarah Coade Mandell Principal Bassoon Chair
  • Valerie Ankeney, The Vincent DeRosa Principal Horn Chair****
  • Jonathan Wisner, The Annie Gross Principal Timpani Chair
  • VACANT, The Dretzka Family Harp Chair
  • Wan Rosalind Wong, The Henry Brittan and Maxwell Siemons Piano Chair

*In memory of James H. Warsaw
**In honor of Anne Warsaw’s 102nd birthday
***In Honor of Helgard Field
****In Honor of Vincent DeRosa

Thank you to the following “Gift of Music” donors, who supported the chairs highlighted in light blue for our Opening Night Concert.

Tara and Dakota Aesquivel
Michael Arkin
Sheryl and Bill Borough
Mary Jo Braun
Daniel Butler
Kurt DeMars
Debra Ruby and Eric Ellsworth
Jeffrey Flair
Lori Froeling
Marcie and Cliff Goldstein
Brian Grohl
Roger E. Keller
Nancy Knutsen
Terrie Marroquin
Manny Marroquin
Roger Stoker and Michael Ostron
Janelle and Jim Riley
Isabel Thiroux and Gina Satriano
Kirby Shanklin
Myriam and Mauricio Silva
Zeke and Carolyn Warsaw
Cathy & Ken Weiss
James Williams and Marc Wenderoff