Know Before You Go

Directions and Parking

Maps and parking information for all of our concert venues can be found here. Please note that UCLA’s Parking Structure 5 will be closed until the 2019/20 season, and we are now recommending parking in Structure 2.


We strongly recommend reserving tickets in advance! However, if a concert has sold out, or you missed the cut-off to make a reservation, we always have seats available for standby patrons at all of our Royce Hall concerts. For concerts at other venues, please call the office at 310-470-2332 to inquire about standby options.

If you have reserved already, your tickets will either be emailed, mailed, or held at will call, depending on what you selected when you made your reservation. If you don’t remember, check your original confirmation email.

Emailed tickets can be scanned from your smart phone, or printed and presented at the door. Either way, please have them ready when you arrive. The tickets can be found attached to your original confirmation email, as a pdf document. If you can’t find your confirmation email, call the office at 310-470-2332 and we will be happy to resend it.

Will Call tickets are held in one of two locations: the Member Table and the General Will Call Table, both of which are set up in front of the entrance to Royce Hall. If you are a donor of $60 a year or more (or the guest of a donor or solo artist) come to the Member Table, otherwise, go to the Will Call Table. Look for signs and banners to point you in the right direction.

Walk-Up Tickets: If you want to attend a concert that has “sold-out,” or if advance reservations have closed, don’t worry! We always have tickets available for walk-up patrons at or Royce Hall concerts, and nobody has ever been turned away. You may begin lining up for walk-up tickets 45 minutes before the concert begins. The line starts in front of Royce Hall and stretches into the courtyard. Five minutes before the the performance begins, unclaimed seats are released to the walk up line.
Everybody finds a seat, every time.

Security at Royce Hall

When attending our events at Royce Hall please be aware of Royce Hall’s security detail. You should expect to be greeted both by House Staff and Security personnel upon arriving at the front doors. These staff will check your ticket, and perform a brief check of any bags larger than a change purse before entering the venue.

Prohibited Items Include:

  • Weapons of any kind
  • Flammable materials or liquids such as lighters

Large bags will be admitted into the building after a brief bag check. Any items which cannot be easily stowed on ones lap or underneath their seat must be left with House Staff at the coat check prior to entry into the theater itself. Only bottled water will be allowed inside the theater.


The style choices of our audience are as diverse as the people themselves! We want you to be comfortable, and whether that means wearing a suit, or a party dress, or jeans and a t-shirt, you’ll fit right in. Keep in mind that some people get cold in the concert hall, so you may want to bring a sweater or jacket.


We always have one family concert each year, but children and families are welcome at all our concerts! We only ask that if your child starts to get too loud or fidgety, you take a little break in the lobby (where you can hear and watch the concerts on the lobby screens), so that everyone is able to enjoy the music.

Late Seating

For the sake of our musicians and your fellow concert attendees, we do not allow seating while music is being performed. Patrons who arrive after the music has begun will be able to watch and listen to the concert from the Royce Hall lobby screens until there is a break to allow seating. Please note that in the event of a late arrival, you may be unable to sit in your original seat.

Cell Phones

We look forward to seeing photos of your night out with AYS on social media (#AYSymphony) to be taken before the concert begins, during intermission, or curtain call, etc. But we ask that you keep your phones put away during the music, for the sake of your fellow audience members, who would prefer to avoid the distraction of nearby screens.

Concert Behavior

We ask all audience members to please refrain from talking, or making noise of any kind while music is being performed, with any conversation between pieces kept quiet and brief. If you’re new to classical music, you may notice that some pieces are broken up into “movements” with short pauses in between them. These days, the popular custom is to refrain from applauding between movements, because it breaks the mood. However, prior to the 19th century, spontaneous applause was expected and encouraged (read more about the history of classical music and applause here) and it’s a subject that has been hotly debated for generations. At AYS, we believe that the music belongs to you, our audience, and we’re not interested in enforcing old rules about applauding. We say: do what feels right to you.

Post-Concert Receptions

Most of our Royce Hall performances are followed by a post-concert reception in the West Lobby. These are private events for donors, orchestra members, and their guests. If you would like to join the party, you can become a member for as little as $60 a year (and also benefit from premium seats, discounts on paid concerts, and other exclusive events). Learn more about membership.